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Hey Readers,

Soon the formatted, edited, reviewed version of the most awaited, most original book of mine will be published, via amazon, kindle.

Stay tuned and the link will be shared soon!

Wish me luck and best wishes!

I tell You

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I tell you

how I saw it.

I describe you the very scene

The color was grey

with a shade of blue,

There was brightness

in the dark.

It wasn’t dull

neither was it gloomy,

it was calm and serene.

It gave me the pleasure of witnessing the utmost beauty,

the beauty of the dark shades.

They were brighter than the fluorescents,

such was the allure.

From 20 to 2

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It all started from a group of people aimlessly together, a group in search of an identity. The journey started with unfamiliar faces and warm hearts, shiny eyes hoping for a bright future.

The strength in number and the trust pulled the farthest together, craving to explore the pandora box was all on their faces.

Together we are and shall be, was all everyone thought of, hangouts and plans never ending,  no reason to laugh but giggles all around,  no reason to jump but monkeys all around, the enthusiasm was unmatched, I WAS AFRAID !!

Afraid that there soon will be a turn, afraid that the road might not be able to adjust all of us, afraid that the hearts might grow colder, afraid that the journey was too short,  my fear soon turned into a reality!

The point came where the paths diverted, diverted into in numerous virgin, untrodden paths, all packed and ready to trod. images-27

I saw them walking ahead, none turned to look back, I was standing in the middle waiting for someone to hold my hand, stay for a while. I wanted someone to not to choose those paths and stay with me but probably what I wanted was not virtuous!

We all had to move ahead and I couldn’t be an obstacle!!images-28

But somehow on my journey I managed to find one, one more like minded, one who could match my pace.

images-26     AND then it was from twenty to two.

images-23We always wait for the perfect moment for everything, be it starting something new, proposing, loving, falling for someone. We don’t realize the moment we experience that one thing should happen, that is actually the perfect moment. Moreover there is nothing as the perfect moment, It’s we who make it perfect!

Say you propose someone unexpectedly, man! you just had a moment and ask the one you proposed……It’s perfect for them.


We regret, curse ourselves for not having done this and that, crib and cry for things we should or must have said, but this concept of making ‘it’ perfect, the right time for ‘it’ ruins it all..Yeah it really does…

Believe me, all it takes is your own heart and belief that yes, this very moment is perfect!

Our life is too short to waste time in searching the right time!

What are you waiting for?

Your death bed?…….

Believe me you won’t be able to say much then!……. just a farewell!images-21

P.S. The wait for the perfect moment sometimes steals away the very simple moments of your life!!



Love me like you do……..that’s all you gotta say to yourself!!   Love yourself!!!

What are you waiting for?

It’s not worth it!!…………images-25

A sudden kick of happiness

makes everything right.

You forecast a bad weather

but all you see is a rainbow and a radiant light,images-16

that’s the kick of happiness!

Life wants you to acknowledge

the beauty of the unexpected,

the happiness of being prepared for the worst and

yet witnessing the best!

The relief and the boundless joy

awaits you!

Remember, always have space for a miracle

to change you.

And then you’ll experience the kick of happiness.

Which will onset you!

Shuffle thoughts

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Songs in my list play shuffle.

a sad preceded by another, a soulful followed by another,

they play shuffle.

Meanwhile my thoughts shuffle!

People in my life shuffle,

Their faces shuffle.

The random play somehow makes things simple,

beauty of the unexpected drives away the fear of the expected!

I Shuffle between people, Shuffle songs I play.

The puzzle of my life

suddenly starts taking a form

The randomness becomes meaningful.

Meanwhile my thoughts Shuffle!

Songs in my list play shuffle.


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Yes, thats true I am indeed…… BACK after a long time .

It’s  been a long time and probably my style of writing has changed too but I’ll try to keep up with the standards 🙂

Soon you will get to read a fresh art work.

All the best to me!